Episode 11 - Neil Atkinson

Adam and Rob are joined by Neil Atkinson of the Anfield Wrap to discuss his brilliant From the Jaws of Victory chapter on the Liverpool side of 2013-14 and much more besides. 

We cover the various contributing factors to Neil's chapter being such an emotional punch in the face (in a good way) and the impact of 2013-14 on Liverpool's 2018-19 (very) near miss and their 2019-20 title victory. We also discuss how the club had to change in that time to gear itself up for two consecutive 90-point seasons and what the future holds for them and others in the Premier League, particularly once Guardiola buggers off.

Away from football Neil tells us about the genesis and growth of the brilliant Anfield Wrap and its journey from a series of podcasts to civic institution (watch out York!), gives us some quality tips on who to read next and of course gives us possibly the captain of our Nearly Men XI, if we were to judge it on unfortunate prescient rallying calls.

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