Episode 13 - John Nicholson & the Super League

Adam and Rob break with tradition to look at current affairs this week, specifically the Premier League 'Big Six''s affair with a closed-shop anti-competitive collective of glorified friendly-seekers. Ahem.

They're joined by From the Jaws of Victory contributor and author of 'Can We Have Our Football Back', John Nicholson, who's written brilliantly on the subject for Football365 in the past ten days.

We discuss the origins of both the Premier League and the Super League, and how much the very nature of football and society in England is geared around a model that encourages them to at best chance their arm, and at worst succeed, in completely monopolising the game.

We also look at whether or not the Super League is inevitable at some point anyway, and John offers some small doses of optimism about how football could be revolutionised for the better, as well as going in two-footed on a couple of members of the Cabinet, which we've always got time for.

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