Reffing Hell Special


Ad and Rob are joined by football writer and author Ian Plenderleith to kick off a special series of podcast episodes inspired by Ian's latest book, Reffing Hell.

We discuss how Ian became a referee in the first place, his experiences of refereeing in different countries and whether it looks like discipline on the pitch and the sidelines shows any signs of improving (spoiler... not likely).

As well as this interview, there's a series of exclusive audio chapters from Reffing Hell, in which Ian documents the (occasional) highs and (very much more frequent) lows of being a referee in amateur football. The interview, the podcasts and the book are vital listening and reading for anyone involved with the game, and match officials, at any level. Ian also recorded a special interview with the author of the brilliant Your Show, Ashley Hickson-Lovence.

Listen to Ian's interview with Ashley:
Listen to Ian's exclusive audio chapters: Danny, Part 1
Danny, Part 2
Danny, Part 3
Danny, Part 4
Danny, Part 5
Come on you reds
Needy ref
Putting out fires
No cards on Valentine's Day

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