S2 Episode 2: Harry Pearson, USA 1-0 England, 1950

Rejoice! The Halcyon Podcast is back for a second series in conversation with the great and the good of football writing.

Loosely based on our new book Against All Odds (available from all good stockists), today Adam and Rob sit down with acclaimed author Harry Pearson to discuss his fabulous chapter in Against All Odds, which covers the USA amateurs' shock victory over England's (tired, jaded, overheating) professionals in 1950.

We discuss the preconceptions and reactions to this momentous World Cup upset on both sides of the pond, and whether or not the old 10-1 / 1-0 reporting story is a complete myth or not.

For Harry's brilliant chapter on this match, as well as a dozen others, head to our website to get your hands on a copy of the book.

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