The Halcyon Podcast - Episode 1


In the first ever episode of the Halcyon podcast, Adam and Rob are joined by... each other to introduce Halcyon and talk about their chapters in our latest book, From the Jaws of Victory.

First up it's the Dutch and Johan Cruyff, the embodiment of style over substance, the exoticism of a World Cup in colour, and how losing one final might be considered unfortunate, but two...

We also discuss Scotland's widely-heralded 1967 victory over England and attempt to place it in the context of a decade in which, success against the Auld Enemy aside, a vintage group of players took part in precisely no major tournaments. A different era to now, of course.

Then we kick off our Nearly Men XI with two players you'd be very hard pushed to call Nearly Men, paving the way for future contributors to completely blow us out of the water.

You can get stuck into us on social media @magicspongers and @HalcyonPublish1

Enjoy! x

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