The Halcyon Podcast Episode 3 - Rich Hall


From the Jaws of Victory contributor Rich Hall joins Adam and Rob to shed light on perhaps the greatest side we never saw at a World Cup. Marking something of a departure from the other chapters in the book, Rich explains how the Yugoslavia side weren’t beaten on the pitch, but were instead denied by history.

Chucked out of Euro ‘92 just 11 days before the tournament began, leading the Danish to happily throw away their beach towels and then go on to win the thing, the world of football was robbed of a ‘could’ve been great’ Yugoslavia. 

We’ll be talking about USA ’94, wonderful Yugoslav playmakers, such as Dejan Savicevic, Dragan Stojkovic and Robert Prosinečki, and whether or not kicking a policeman in the head can start a war. 

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