The Halcyon Podcast Episode 4 - Andi Thomas


We're joined by Andi Thomas to talk World Cups, statues, conspiracies and World Cup statue conspiracies as we revisit his brilliant Jaws of Victory chapter on the Wales side of 1958. A real 'What if' story, we also talk to Andi about how imagining and engaging with what could have been is a big, if not the biggest part of supporting a football team.

We also chat about how Andi got into writing about football in the first place, notable people or stuff that he's read recently and Mel Charles misses out yet again as a fabled Welshman is put forward for the Nearly Men XI.

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Andi also mentions arguably Wales's greatest World Cup goal, scored by Ivor Allchurch, which is worth admiring ... 'the Hungarian goalkeeper wasn't amused' is a lovely touch.

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