The Halcyon Podcast Episode 6 - Scott Murray

This week, Adam and Rob welcome minute-by-minute pioneer, author and Guardian stalwart Scott Murray to the pod to shine a light on the Matthews final in 1953, whether Blackpool’s 4-3 win over Bolton in 1953 should actually be named after hat-trick hero Stan Mortensen, and how you go about getting your name on a cup final anyway.

We cover the role of television and the coronation in football consumption in the 50s, as well as the innate ridiculousness of not allowing subs on, even when players were hobbling around on one leg (or fewer). We also take a moment to celebrate the innate perception of the gentlemanly conduct of the olden days, even though players were just as prone to kicking pieces out of each other as they are now.

Scott explains the birth and growth of the hugely popular minute by minutes at The Guardian and discusses his favourite things to write and read, mainly centred around the fact that – as we can all agree – football really shouldn’t be taken very seriously. 

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