The Halcyon Podcast Episode 7 - Marcela Mora y Araujo

Rob and Adam are joined by renowned football writer Marcela Mora y Araujo for a thoroughly enjoyable chat about her chapter in From the Jaws of Victory - the Argentina national team in a period of contrasting fortunes from 2006-2014, dubbed 'the Messi years' (by us) despite the Messi years being demonstrably not over yet.

We cover World Cups and Copa Americas, the philosophical question of the win vs. the journey, and the similarities and differences between Argentinian and British fans. We also discuss the state of domestic football in Argentina and whether or not it's time for supporters to take a stand and refuse to follow their teams to other continents, or indeed deserts with appalling human rights records, in protest against being held in such contempt by the powers that be.

Marcela also tells us about her route into football writing and we find out about the (Dutch) genesis of long-form anthology football writing, thereafter embraced by Marcela on the brilliant Perfect Pitch. We also add the newest nearly man(ager) to our Nearly Men XI.

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