We Lose Every Week podcast special

It's another Halcyon podcast mini-series and in this one, we're focusing on the brilliant We Lose Every Week by Andrew Lawn. We Lose Every Week is a history of football chanting, from its beginnings in the late nineteenth century to its growth across the game and its effect on the people, clubs and societies in which it takes place.

In this episode, Andy reads from the introduction of the book itself; we've got another couple of extracts hot on its heels and also a brilliant chinwag between Andy and the legendary Adam Hurrey of Football Cliches.

You can get We Lose Every Week at a special price direct from the Halcyon website, or if you're particularly interested in monumental acts of self-sabotage to your own wallet, publishing and the world at large, you can also buy it in other places too. And if you'd like to be criticised about your inherent life choices further, why not follow us on Twitter or whatever it is now @HalcyonPublish1

We Lose Every Week: Karaoke on the Kop


We Lose Every Week: The art of self-deprecation


We Lose Every Week: Andy Lawn and Adam Hurrey

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