World Cup Nuggets Daily Episode 26: Serbia

It's probably right to begin this with an apology to Serbia fans - you do feature, honest, but you also don't feature for long stretches of this episode.

Richard, Adam and Rob comb over the usual Nuggets in relation to not-a-one-man-team-but-still-quite-reliant-on-one-man Serbia, including yet another encounter with their old mates Brazil and a tough-looking group.

Things also get completely irrelevant for a time, including foreign football trips, the England-supporting priorities of a Scotland fan and where or where not one of us may have been sticking fireworks in our twenties. You can skip those bits.

Richard also sets the latest question in our Halcyon quiz, which you can find on our website. The winner gets the full suite of Halcyon books, a heady prize indeed - details on submission to follow.

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