Falling for Football: The teams that shaped our obsession

Falling for Football: The teams that shaped our obsession

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"A great strength of this new volume is its broader scope in both the teams and the backgrounds of their fans ... Falling For Football finds new angles on football's oldest story"
When Saturday Comes

"The happy, mundane, trivial and sometimes tragic memories packed into Falling for Football are beautifully intimated throughout ... books like Falling for Football will be the chronicles of a lost age of sporting nostalgia"
The Football Pink

"Essays executed with a fanzine passion and optimism long since absent from the pens of jaded broadsheet heavyweights"

"Four out of five stars"

It's the match-day routines and the walk to the ground. It's the ebullient youngster going to their first game and the jaded dad who's seen it all before. It's swapping stickers in the playground and attempting to recreate that astonishing goal in the park with friends. It's the ecstatic high of being on the right side of a seven-goal thriller and the sickening low of being on the wrong end of a last-minute equaliser to a local rival.

Falling for Football brings together 44 different writers (including Football Supporters' Federation Blogger of the Year nominees Ian King, Greg Theoharis, Rob Langham and Ian Rands, The Athletic's Brooks Peck, Adam Bate of Sky Sports and authors Musa Okwonga and Daniel Gray) who revisit the teams that made them fall in love with the beautiful game in the first place. From World Cup-winners to works of fiction, from the 1950s to the present day — the teams may be different, but the obsession remains reassuringly the same.